Vodafone Giants see players leave in preparation for Orgless + Meddo signing

Posted by Valorant News January 12, 2021 in GAMINGValorant

Vodafone Giants rounded out the roster in October last year with the addition of Miguel “exerZ” Marín. Following the team’s failure to make it to the First Strike Europe Regional Final, it was inevitable we will see roster changes being made. Vodafone Giants decided to let go of both Salvador “Yurii” Gasco and Jon “jonba” Baraiazarra in preparation for their upcoming competitions.

Yurii and jonba both joined the team on June 26th, 2020, and although they didn’t make it to the most important tournament of the year, they won several competitions during their tenure with the Spanish organization. They managed to win all of the Guardianes GG Series #1, the LVP – FPS All-Star, the Desafío Legión, the ROG VALORANT Master Series Invitational #1, and the LVP – Genesis Cup Visión.