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Lukas “korey” Zwingmann belongs to the elite in Rainbow Six Siege. The esport professional travels across the world every year and already has a wealth of experience. The Thuringian talks to about the ups and downs of his career so far and his greatest dream.

The village of Siebleben near Gotha is not known as an esport stronghold. However, Lukas “ korey ” Zwingmann, who is an esports professional in Rainbow Six Siege, is from the world elite not far from the legendary Thuringian Forest . korey has already participated in the World Cup and travels around the world as a professional.

It all started very small and contemplative in a rural area. The 20-year-old Thuringian has only been on the professional scene for two years. But the story of video games started much earlier. “In third grade, I played for the first time with a classmate on a Nintendo console,” says korey.

Esport starts with Dota 2

At Christmas, the first Nintendo game console is nicely packed under the Christmas tree. Age-appropriate, “Pokemon Platinum” is one of the first favorites. “A little later I got a laptop,” says the esports professional. “Since then I’ve stayed loyal to PC games. In the beginning I played Team Fortress 2 – I liked the characters’ comic character. ”

The Dota 2 era begins two years later. This is the first contact with esport. “I was fascinated by this world and admired the players who play in front of large crowds. I was a fan of Natus Vincere ”- an organization that the Thuringian will play for himself.

“Back then I imagined how it should be as a professional. You travel around the world, entertain people and are celebrated by your own fans. ”Even then, the desire to do the same matured. However, skepticism prevails at Zwingmann. And there are clear rules that the video games may only flicker on the monitor for two hours a day.

Lukas also pursues other interests. Another hobby is lifeguard swimming in Gotha. He plows the water with his arms for eight years and takes third place in a regional competition. There are also a lot of pets and dog breeding. So it never gets boring in screen life.

Entry not very promising: “After the ascent I was just fired”

The great passion of video games always remains present. “Dota 2 bored me at some point and I didn’t become outstanding at it either. That’s how I came across Rainbow Six Siege at the end of 2016. ”

The start is not promising. The difference between Dota 2 and victories is too big. “At the beginning I was terribly bad, but from season to season I got better.” Korey stands out in the scene and in June 2017 the first opportunity is presented to prove his skills in a German team.

MyRevenge picks the youngster as a stand-in due to a loss of players. Experience soaks up korey: “I learned a lot from myself.” The team is so convinced of korey that it is firmly committed. “We made it to the top division – at that time it was the highest level in Germany.”

The recipe for the development of the player is named by korey with a dose of talent and hard work. “I always want to learn and I convince the teams with my work ethic and attitude. I am sure that there will be frustration with failures, but I never get upset. ”

But korey already gets to know the negative side of the young esport business in his first team. “MyRevenge disappointed me in many ways. The organization withheld the prize money and broken promises. After the ascent, I was simply fired. ”For the young Thuringian, this also means a sobering and instructive entry into the professional business.

But in addition to the experience in esport, there are other obligations – meanwhile, the high school exams are just around the corner. Lukas draws his attention back to the school. In addition, the teenager starts his channel on Twitch, on which he still plays Rainbow Six.

The allure of Game of Thrones and the World Cup

After passing the Abitur, Lukas Zwingmann plans to study in the Babelsberg district of Potsdam. Inspired by the successful “Game of Thrones” series, he is interested in the film industry. “Through the series, I worked intensively on film analysis. I am fascinated by how fabrics are processed in the cinema or on TV. ”

A TeamSpeak invitation changes everything. The German team OrgLess expresses interest – korey accepts. In 2018 OrgLess qualifies for the Six Major in Paris, which is ranked as a World Cup in Rainbow Six. The young player has arrived on the big stage. At last. His dream – which he dreamed of as a child – has come true. The path to becoming a full-time professional has been completed.

Crises follow elation, which korey bluntly admits. “I delivered an incredibly embarrassing performance in Paris. We were eliminated without a map victory. ”There is also stress at home: The career in esport is met with incomprehension and rejection.

However, the conflicts do not detract from Korey and he clears up the predicament. Next, korey joins Mock-it Esports in September 2018. “I played my first Pro League game at Mock-it. Individually, it was my best season so far. I was the third best player in the ranking worldwide. ”The German career is getting underway.

In May of the following year, another dream came true when she joined Natus Vincere. “I was incredibly proud to be able to play for Na`Vi. My first headset had the team logo. “

The life of the Rainbow Six players in Esport is characterized by many changes. Korey alone has made eight changes in two years. At Na`Vi, korey only stays one month. Nevertheless, he is grateful for every experience, develops and his game continues.

Boot camps in Paris, Kiev and Malaga

Individual training and boot camps in Paris, Kiev and Malaga promote the skill of the professional. “Some of the boot camps are well equipped. You are looked after all round. In Kiev we even had our own cook. ”

The time required for korey’s existence as an esports professional is enormous. The current workload is twelve hours a day – he started as a student with two hours a day. In addition to active training, Lukas takes time for video analysis. His formula for ambition is very simple: “I do what I love,” says Korey.

Life as an esports professional has many facets. Lukas was rather reserved at school. Today he plays in front of 12,000 people. korey is adored by fans – but also hostile. “I had to learn to live in public. For me, rules of the game also apply to appearances. “

Nevertheless, korey regularly indulges in a shot of self-irony: “Nevertheless, I don’t want to take it all too seriously.” His fans also get to feel this, and he likes to fool around on social media.

In the scene, korey is now a star who is one of the world’s best players. The admiration of the fans surprised him for the first time in Rio. “It was weird at first because they looked up at me and were really shy. But of course I’m happy when I feel this affection. ”The korey being booed by fans of other teams is part of the business for him.

Childish and absolutely unprofessional

Korey finds hints of hate unacceptable. “It’s all a learning process I’ve been through,” he says. The German professional also discovers harsh conversations in the teams: “Some even shout at each other during the game. To be honest, I find that childish and absolutely unprofessional. “

The trips to the victory events also shape the 20-year-old Siebenbener. “This creates a lot of contacts. I learn a lot from other people, which even gives me inspiration for my later life. ”

The new year brought another change: In January, korey moved to Rogue with almost the entire team from Giants Gaming. Only the Frenchman Léo “ Alphama ” Robine switched to eUnited. Jan “ ripz ” Hucke was hired by Rogue, another German player who, along with korey and Maurice “ AceeZ ” Erkelenz, now forms the core of the lineup.

The next five years korey wants to continue playing as a professional. “I still see a lot of room for improvement in my gameplay. Even the leap in the two years was huge for me. ”Korey wants to achieve nothing less than the title of Six Major in his career. “For that, I would give up every other victory to achieve that once.”

Source : ESL/Ubisoft