Posted by News March 26, 2020 in Fornite
Glory and gold can now be earned with the new update in Fortnite. In addition to new challenges, daily duo competitions come into the Battle Royale – and thus daily prize money.

Both competitive and casual players can face new challenges since the 12.21 update released on Tuesday. While the Oro challenges drop gold-plated in-game items, the Duos Cups offer a lot of “real gold coins” as a reward every day – namely, $ 750 is available every day for the winner of the Europe region.

Awaken Oro challenges

Goldkönig Oro is now available as a skin and can be bought in the shop for 2,000 V-Bucks.

With the skin, several challenges come into play, through which you can get a golden pickaxe and a paint job. You will earn an additional 100,000 XP for each completed challenge.

  • Help teammates with ten eliminations
  • Play ten matches with a friend
  • Inflict 1,000 damage to enemies
  • Collect 40 medals
  • Complete all challenges to receive a reward (“Golden Scepter” Pickaxe)
  • Complete any two challenges to get a reward (greed paint)
Daily duo competitions

Epic Games is now organizing daily duo tournaments in addition to the Solo Cup, which NRG Esports professional player Benjy “ Benjyfishy ” David Fish shared enthusiastically on Twitter. The Duos Cups are played per region and only the first place winner receives prize money. In the case of Europe, $ 750 started.

The Briton immediately made the Duos Cup unsafe with FaZe Clans Kyle “ Mongraal ” Jackson and took third place.

The prize money went to the Austrian David “ aqua ” Wang, who can already look back on a successful history in duos tournaments: he won the duos trophy at the World Cup 2019. He took the first victory in the daily competitions with Klaus ” Stompy ”Constance .

Source : Epic Games