Posted by Lol News April 15, 2020 in League of Legends
It is in the hot phase of the LEC. Who will be the new EU champion? With it are Fnatic, G2 and Mad Lions. It could hardly be more exciting.
Fnatic is on the rise!

If a team is hot for the crown in Europe and has shown it, then it is Fnatic. The lineup around Rekkles marched through the playoffs. 3-1 against Origen, 3-0 against MAD Lions and no sign of weakness .

It is important to note that when Selfmade and Rekkles warm up, there is no stopping them. They are the drivers in the lineup.

G2: It depends on caps and perks

After the start, the Vice World Champion went to detention . Although G2 ended the regular season as first place, there was still the damper in a closely contested match against MAD Lions – 2: 3.

The world champion did not play badly, but the Lions came to success with great individual achievements. The duo Caps and Perkz , for example, couldn’t stop Shadow’s run . He knew how to convince with the champions Gragas and Olaf.

But perhaps the two best EU players from 2019 caught Origen in the lower bracket. Caps killed two digits on two maps and paved the way.

Now the MAD Lions are waiting again.

MAD Lions – Mayfly of the playoffs?

For the lions, the first thing is to shake it off. The 0-3 defeat against Fnatic was tough, especially because they played well against the runner-up in the previous round. But three games, each scratching at the 30 minutes of play, are quite fix and atypical even for the current meta.

A shadow did not come into play there at all, neither with Olaf nor with Lee Sin. On Saturday it is again against G2 for the place in the final next to Fnatic. Without another exemption, it will be difficult.

What about Origen?

Used playoffs were for Origen. Third place went to the knockout rounds in the new system. Then first the defeat against Fnatic, then the shock against an awakened G2.

This ends the playoffs. The German Upset was able to play a bit in the scene, but that was too little for the entire team performance.

Who beats Fnatic?

The starting positions before the lower bracket final are clear: The MAD Lions have to recover quickly to beat the angry G2 on Saturday from 6:00 p.m. The playoff kick-off may have been a one-time stroke of luck.

G2 is surely already eyeing the final with one eye. Because when the Lions are beaten, the duel against the EU record champions awaits. Who is number one in Europe? That will be cleared up on Sunday from 6 p.m.!

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