CSGO UPDATE for 4/16/2020

Posted by CSGO News Team April 16, 2020 in CSGO

The new  CS: GO Update has just come out.
Most importantly, now you can copy and take any crosshair via the scoreboard. Now when you die and when you look at someone it will show you their crosshair that you can copy and use in a second (a copy of a Valorant, the game already has it, but why not, we needed this).
The deagles were re-touched and fixed when jumping and firing.
And now you have the “warmup” or 1v1 mode in csgo,  that is only available on Wingman, Vertigo and Train. 

Various music kits have been added as well, Stattrak and non-stattrak.             Such as:

 Austin Wintory, Bachram
 Daniel Sadowski, Eye of the Dragon
 Dren, Gunman Taco Truck
 Matt Levine, Drifter
 Sam Marshall, Bodacious
 Tim Huling, Neo Noir
 Tree Adams and Ben Bromfield, M.U.D.D. FORCE

Also, a few updates have been added to some of the maps that we have in csgo.(Anubis, Chlorine, Jungle, Vertigo, and Train.)